Avengers 4 : Tom Holland (Spider-Man) and Karen Gillan (Nebula) talk about spoilers and time travel

Avengers 4 : Tom Holland (Spider-Man) et Karen Gillan (Nebula) parlent spoilers et voyage dans le temps

The two players wait on the spoilers surrounding the Avengers 4 and would almost travel in time !

If there’s one thing that half of the fans of Marvel don’t support, what are the spoilers. Unfortunately, the other half is rather fond, and do not hesitate to call the actors and ask them for clues about the plot of the next phase of the Avengers. Some reckless, as Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), don’t hesitate to teaser the arrival of the trailer. But as has been confirmed by Tom Holland, the interpreter of Spider-Man, the studios know very well how to avoid to the players to make blunders. Stopped by a fan stingy with details, the comedian, known for his gaffes, was repeated two times with humor : “I can’t tell you anything. They’d kill me”. Like what, Kevin Feige, boss of Marvel studios, had to have a little chat about the importance of keeping secrets with the interpreter of Peter Parker. But sometimes, without even speaking of the fans, these are the families of the players who are going to be fishing for spoilers.

People have been saying to ask Tom Holland to spoil Avengers 4, a fan did and this is what Tom said… from r/marvelstudios

The mom of Karen Gillan is apparently so impatient that you know the place to Avengers 4. The actress revealed on the set of the Jimmy Kimmel Live!, his mother wasn’t the type to let go of the case : “I’ve been trained to not give spoilers, because my mother always tries to make me out to of the nose. She has become so sneaky with it. It tends to say to me : “How goes the work, do you eat properly, is that you kill Thanos ?” An attitude that one understands perfectly, even if we sympathize with the actress, held by the secret because of his contract. This has not prevented it to make a revelation of size during the interview. After Michael Douglas aka Hank Pym, has teasé a leap in time, Karen Gillan has said : “We could probably get there. Travel back in time”. A source of excitement for all the théoristes, which do not cease to hope that a time jump would be at the origin of the resurrection of all our favorite heroes. Response to the 24 April 2019 !