Avengers 4 : Why Captain Marvel will she not aged since the 90s ?

The stories of Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 are separated by more than 20 years, but Carol Danvers has not taken a ride !

The answer to this mystery is in the latest trailer for Captain Marvel, which we confirmed also the presence of the seven members of Starforce. Indeed, the plots of Captain Marvel andAvengers 4 will be separated by more than twenty years, according to the timeline of the MCU. Filmmakers Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have chosen to recount the adventures of the super-heroine in 1995 in Captain Marvel, before passing the relay to the brothers Russo with Avengers 4, in which we meet the heroine, at the present time. Yet, Carol Danvers will always have the air of a young woman, her face and body will not bear the scars left by the passage of time. How can we explain this miracle ?

Avengers 4 : Pourquoi Captain Marvel n'aura-t-elle pas vieilli depuis les années 90 ?

Carol Danvers is bleeding from the nose in the trailer for Captain Marvel

The reason for this phenomenon is that the blood Kriyas that flows in the veins of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), it can age a lot less quickly than the norm. In fact, the young woman is half-human and half-extraterrestrial, as we have seen in the new trailer : his nose starts to bleed, blood, blue very dark , which has nothing to do with the our. The additional evidence that Carole does not age as is given to us by the words of the Supreme Intelligence, addressed to Captain Marvel : “We have made thee one of ours so that you may live longer, more intensely, more heroically. You are born twice.” And that falls well, because Carole will need all his energy to give a helping hand to his comrades heroic in Avengers 4, in which Jeremy Renner has teasé the trailer for it soon.