Avengers Endgame : Captain Marvel can beat Thanos with the Stone Space ?

The origin story of Captain Marvel has provided us with the missing element to determine how it will come to the end of the Titan Crazy…

It’s official, Captain Marvel joins the battle in the new trailer of’Avengers Endgame, removing any doubt to the fans on his alliance with the avengers ! It will be an ideal ally during the final fight against the Titan Crazy, including the “snap” – deadly has left the exsanguine universe and its vigilantes depressed. Called to the rescue by Nick Fury thanks to his bipper special just before you leave in the dust, it appears to the sides of the super-heroes in the scene post-credits of his film, solo and in the trailer ofAvengers 4. It seems that his origin story is essential to the MCU, because it explains how and why Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) will be empowered to defeat Thanos !

Avengers Endgame : Captain Marvel peut-elle battre Thanos grâce à la Pierre de l'Espace ?

A little reminder for those who have already seen the film (and big spoiler for the others) : unlike the comic books, the feature film Captain Marvel reveals that the latter acquires his powers by destroying the engine built by dr Wendy Lawson/ Mar-Vell. In order to prevent their innovative technology, built around the powers of the Stone Space, did not fall into the hands of the Krees to the death of the scientist, Carol Danvers pulls it into the machine and is irradiated by the energy. This makes Captain Marvel a super-heroine created directly by a Gem of the Infinite, and, therefore, potentially capable of destroying the latter ! Because the Titan Mad has already proven in the past his vulnerability in the face of those who have powers directly from one of the Stones of Infinity, and notably during the Battle of Wakanda with Scarlett Witch.

Avengers Endgame : Captain Marvel peut-elle battre Thanos grâce à la Pierre de l'Espace ?

Wanda Maximoff has acquired its magical abilities from tests carried out on the Gem of the Mind, and she managed to destroy it on the front of Vision while keeping Thanos for a certain period of time. So it turns out that a Be directly descended from one of the Stones has an equivalent power to the one who has it physically. Without the Stone of Time to return to the past, the villain was damn… But now imagine Captain Marvel confronts Thanos in its binary form, the powerful blood Kriyas flowing in his veins, without having to divide its powers between the Stone on one side and his enemy on the other. Nothing seems able to stem its strength. And the collateral damage of this clash in the Avengers Endgame could well give Carol Danvers her identity as Captain Marvel. What say you of this theory ?