Avengers Endgame : The universe could have been separated into two ?

You think you’ve read all about Endgame ? Well, we’ll give you more for your money with this new theory (not so far-fetched).

Fasten your seat belts, we headed to a new theory completely crazy : and if the universe was separated in two at the time of the “snap” of Thanos ? This seems to abracadabrant (a bit like the possibility that the hero ofEndgame have been replaced by homonyms), but if you read to the end you may well find the idea relevant. The snap of the fingers of the Titan Crazy, rather than do away with literally half the galaxy, could have moved this last in an alternative reality. The reality that we know, the MCU where there are super-hero usually is the one that we see on the screen. As for the Realm of Quantum, it would be a “passage” to jump from one reality to the other, that can borrow Ant-Man or Captain Marvel (Brie Larson).

Avengers Endgame : L'univers pourrait-il avoir ?t? s?par? en deux ?

This theory, you ask us, does it have a scientific basis ? And well yes ! The quantum superposition is the term used in physics to describe the fact that an atom can be in two states at the same time, or the fact that he can be in two different positions at the same time. In the absolute, a body placed in a quantum superposition of different locations can then collect, store and deliver information everywhere all the time. This would mean that in the Avengers, the two worlds are superimposed one on another in two realities but that the inhabitants are not aware of the “presence” of the inhabitants of the other.

Avengers Endgame : L'univers pourrait-il avoir ?t? s?par? en deux ?

The theory in the image of the user ofersadan

What this means in the context ofEndgame, is that the super-heroes remaining able to discover the existence of this “alternative reality” and would then be a way to reach the other half of the avengers stuck in the second reality created by the “snap”. Having in mind the stakes exceptionally high d’Avengers 4 teas?s by one of the makers of the film, Joe Russo, we can expect something crazy. After all, is it not said that “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” ? What do you think of this theory, would you say that it takes in the road or is it completely irrelevant ?