Avengers Infinity War : Loki was he really on the side of the Avengers ? Tom Hiddleston responds

Avengers Infinity War : Loki ?tait-il vraiment du c?t? des Avengers ? Tom Hiddleston r?pond

The behavior of Loki was enough to surprise the fans. Was he really on the side of the Avengers ?

Since its first appearance, Loki has arrived to do what he knows best : to Use trickery to deceive the audience and his fellow countrymen. At one point, he is on the side of Thanos and is trying to use the Tesseract for unhealthy, to another, he made buddy-buddy with his half-brother. In Avengers Infinity War, it makes us doubt is leaguant against Hulk and Thor, just after they have made it clear that he was on their side. All this to eventually die at the hand of the Titan after having tried to kill (his bad hand, details). Marvel has even confirmed that Loki was manipulated from the start because of the Stone space. The question is therefore legitimate : Loki was he really on the side of the Avengers ? The answer is yes, according to his interpreter, Tom Hiddleston ! The actor was present at the ACE Comic Con in Phoenix, Arizona and he answered some questions from his fans.

It has especially entrusted to you : “This goes back to the first movie. He discovers too late that he was adopted and that his real father was the sworn enemy mortal of his father, which is incredibly disruptive on the emotional level. This is an amazing scene to play, and I think people understand that Loki has always been a troubled soul and that he passes his pain on to other people. But they understand from where comes the pain, hence the empathy. I think the first film humanizes and really makes the rest of the trip interesting. It always makes you think that he could redeem himself. And in my opinion, he knows redemption in Infinity War”. His ultimate act against Thanos was definitely an act of faith for the Avengers and his half-brother. To give even more hope to all the fans convinced that Loki will be back living in Avengers Endgame !