Avengers Infinity War : Rocket Racoon has stolen this object to Bucky Barnes

Avengers Infinity War : Rocket Racoon a bien volé cet objet à Bucky Barnes

Rocket will deliver on its promises to steal something in Bucky, when he wants, he takes !

Rocket and Bucky gave us one of the best scenes of Avengers Infinity War, when the first catches the second to form a double machine gun devastating for their enemies ! In the heat of the action, Rocket asks him how much he wants in exchange for his gun. After his refusal, he insists in asking how much he wants for his arm vibranium, while wiping away a new failure. But who knows the character knows that when the Rocket wants something, it always ends up not getting it, one is reminded again of the leg that he had shamefully stolen in prison. So, you can well imagine that he will still have tried to steal something to Bucky in the process and if it has not been able to have nor his arm would be overkill, or his weapon, it is cut off on something more simple, but symbolic.

In the trailer lightning Avengers Endgame released yesterday, you can see the Rocket on the shoulder of War Machine, ready to do battle with his enemies. If the scene is already a pleasure to see, a small detail has attracted the attention of the fans most observers. If you look carefully, you’ll see the goggles on his forehead. And if it reminds you of something, this is normal, since it is of the glasses worn by Bucky Barnes, played by Sebastian Stanin Captain America : The Winter Soldier ! A small wink on the part of the filmmakers and hope that the developers will have thought to incorporate the details of this flight, shocking the scenario. There is no doubt that Rocket will be the touch of humor needed for the morale of the troops, especially that it is going to form a team with the Hulk ! You can find it from the 24th April to the cinema.