Ayem metamorphosed on a new photo, it looks like Kim Kardashian (PHOTO)

On his account Instagram, Ayem has posted a picture where she appears transformed, like as two drops of water to Kim Kardashian.

Ayem bewildered users on Instagram with her leather dress. After you have deleted all of the photos that were on his account, the mom of Ayvin has decided to change its feed by posting only photos made by professionals. After having blown its 30th anniversary, the former leader of the Mad Mag NRJ12 needed change in his life to start again on new bases. It is also a way for it to attract new brands and to more effectively promote its lipstick in collaboration with Nice Secret. But in a recent post, she has surprised the users because of its resemblance with Kim Kardashian.

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A publication shared by IM (@ayemofficiel) on 8 Dec. 2018 at 12 :52 pm PST

As she tries to look rather 90’s, Ayem has done much to respond to its fans, since it looks like two drops of water to the famous star of reality tv american :You look like too much of Kim K it’s crazy”, “I thought it was Kim K”, “More beautiful than Kim”, “She can get dressed the Kardashian has been Ayem” one can read in the comments. Inevitably, we may ask whether the young woman has no purpose to share this photo story to do a little talking. In the meantime, Ayem has said a few days ago on Instagram about his new identity.