Ayem sexy on Instagram, the users are fans (PHOTO)

Internet users have responded to the last photo in Instagram of Ayem Nour and you can discover what they think in this article !

Always very active on social networks, Ayem Nour has recently redone the entire layout of his account Instagram… Now, the pretty brunette sharing only photos taken by professional photographers ! And his last publication was a lot to react, the people who have also down Julien Tanti Marseille in Asia, which is displayed with an outfit of luxury on the social network. However, contrary to the applicant of the issuance made in W9, Ayem Nour has received many positive comments and we propose you to discover some just below !

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A publication shared by ???????? (@ayemofficiel) on 30 Dec. 2018 at 8 :58 PST

“Frankly, you’re magnificent !!! (…) So full of charm and beauty (…) Beautiful photo ! (…) Dazzling (…) Still beautiful”, a-t-we could read among the many comments posted on this photo that has already accumulated more than 22 000 likes ! At the same time, it is true that Ayem is very pretty in this new photo… And if not in a any other registry, you should know that Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj Marseille Asia are presented as a couple, and they have formalized their relationship on the evening of new year’s eve ! The opportunity for us to do a little recap on the whole of their history…