Ba Duan Jin : do good to your body and your mind !

Ba Duan Jin : faites du bien à votre corps et votre esprit !

Ba Duan Jin : faites du bien à votre corps et votre esprit !

By Aurora Velez

In this edition of Postcards Beijing, we are interested in the traditional chinese medicine and an ancient practice that is intended to be beneficial to the body and the spirit, the Ba Duan Jin.

Basic principle of chinese medicine : the prevention is achieved through the well-being of body, mind and spirit. Some ancestral practices take a leading role as the herbal medicine and the Ba Duan Jin, a martial art that is sometimes prescribed by doctors.

“In traditional chinese medicine, the five major organs are related to the five emotional states,” explains Zhang Yuchen, a teacher of Ba Duan Jin. “So when we want to solve emotional problems, we begin by treating the corresponding organs and vice versa,” she says.

Eight movements

Lightness, rooting, concentration, these are the basic eight moves to practice, preferably in the early morning in a well-ventilated place and quiet.

“The second movement, for example, wants to be beneficial for breathing,” says our reporter Aurora Velez, during a session initiation.

This practice is also called “The eight pieces of brocade” has the goal to strengthen our body and our energy.