Back to school hidden generally well received

La rentrée masquée généralement bien accueillie

La rentrée masquée généralement bien accueillie

For the academic year 2020-2021, it will be mandatory to wear a mask in common areas at the 5th year.


August 10, 2020 16h54

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Back to school hidden generally well received


The Canadian Press

Several actors of the education network, that hitting of the foot, say they are now satisfied with the plan for the new school year that passes, however, silent on the question of catching up.

On Monday, the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, presented his game plan, “revised” for the new school year 2020-2021, which includes the obligation to wear a mask in common areas at the 5th year.

“The port of the cover face mandatory (…) will facilitate travel within the institution,” said Carl Ouellet, president of the quebec Association of school principals (AQPDE).

“This is consistent with the other measures applied in the company, which will facilitate understanding and adoption,” he added.

The concept of “bubble” has also been expanded to the whole class, that is to say that the pupils in the same class will be able to mingle closely. They must, however, observe a distance of two metres with their teacher.

The government had initially planned to divide the students into sub-groups or “bubbles” of six. This concept was sown anxiety among the parents and teachers who find it difficult to apply.

Distance education

Other change : in the event of an outbreak of COVID-19 in a class or a school, the government now provides a distance education quality, with minimum levels of services.

Mr. Roberge stated that children who have particular medical conditions, or who have a loved one at risk, will be entitled to teaching at a distance.

“We welcome the fact that a minimum number of hours of distance learning is expected (…), which will ensure fairness,” said the president of the montreal Association of school principals school (AMDES), Hélène Bourdages.

The Association québécoise des cadres scolaires (AQCS), which represents over 2400 executives working in the midst of 72 service centres scolaires du Québec, says he is also pleased with the plan of reentry.

“School management staff undertake to contribute to the observation and the reflections of the minister in this new school year very special, but also throughout the coming months,” said Jean-François Parent, president and ceo of the AQCS.

Same sound of bell on the side of private schools : “We had asked for clear guidelines for all schools (…) while leaving the flexibility necessary for each school to adapt to its reality. This is what we have now,” said David Bowles, president of the Federation of private educational institutions.

The catch-up will be addressed “later,” said the minister

For his part, the spokesman of education of Québec solidaire (QS), Christine Labrie, said it was “appalled” that the issue of remedial education is found nowhere in the minister’s plan.

“It’s been two times that the minister presents us with a plan for reentry, and it’s been two times that he forgets the catch-up,” responded Mrs. Labrie by way of a press release.

“The specialists are worried about the stall for months. Today, two weeks to the start of school out of the ordinary, we still say that it will come at a later date!

“I was expecting that to be the main addition to the plan, and it worries me greatly that nothing is yet planned,” added the mp.

During his press conference on Monday, Jean-François Roberge promised to return on the educational side for “later”, without however specifying the date.

He said that “the addition of services” came in the schools.

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