Bacteria have noticed quantum entanglement

Scientists conducted a study, which noticed an unusual energy values, probably indicating that the bacteria may become entangled with photons.

У бактерий заметили квантовую запутанность

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Several years ago scientists conducted a study which showed that photosynthetic bacteria can absorb and emit photons when light is reflected in a tiny space between two mirrors.

Now there is a new work, the article which published in Journal of Physics Communications. It showed that this process can be much more complicated than it seemed initially, and the bacteria can be confused with reflected light in quantum scale.

Were used in the experiment individual photons that are reflected between two mirrors separated by a microscopic distance. According to the theory of wave-particle duality, the photon is the smallest particle of light, which manifests the wave function.

У бактерий заметили квантовую запутанность

A schematic of the experimental setup / © University of Oxford

Energy levels in the experimental setting, presumably, indicate that bacteria are confused with the light at the quantum level as some of the individual photons seem to interact with the organisms, and did not get them at the same time.

No reason to be skeptical about these results until, until someone will recreate this experiment to track the characteristics of quantum interactions.

In any case, scientists are limited by the quantity and quality of the data published in the scientific work. Also the energy levels of bacteria and mirrored installation, in fact, had to register separately for the confirmation of quantum entanglement, which in this study, researchers did not.

However, if it successfully passes all tests, it will be the first indication that some form of life were involved in the processes of the world of quantum physics. Usually it can only subatomic particles. Even given the fact that microscopic forms of life are extremely small, for science it will be of great value.