Balance sheet of the pandemic in the world (3 may)

Bilan de la pandémie dans le monde (3 mai)

Bilan de la pandémie dans le monde (3 mai)

The United Kingdom registers 28 131 dead and 182 260 confirmed cases.

May 3, 2020 8h11


Balance sheet of the pandemic in the world (3 may)

Agence France-Presse


PARIS — New balance sheets, new measures, highlights: a focus on the latest developments of the pandemic COVID-19, which has claimed more than 243 00 dead in the world.

Déconfinements partial in Europe

One of the first measures of déconfinement come into force on Monday in several european countries.

For example, the Italians will be able to visit their family or get together in a limited number. In Spain, some small businesses such as hairdressers will be able to receive clients individually by appointment, or again in Germany, schools will re-open gradually in some of the Länder.

South korea : distancing relaxed

South Korea has announced a relaxation in the week to come, measures of social distancing, after the fall in the number of cases of new coronavirus these last days.

As of Wednesday, “the gatherings and many events will be (again) allowed, subject to the condition that they implement the measures of disinfection,” announced the prime minister Chung Sye-kyun.

More than 243 000 dead

The pandemic has killed at least 243 637 deaths in the world since its debut in December in China, according to a report drawn up by AFP from official sources on Sunday at 11 am GMT.

Most of 3.44 million cases of infection were diagnosed in 195 countries and territories.

The United States is the country most affected, with 66 385 deaths. Follow Italy with 28 710 deaths, the United Kingdom (28 131), Spain (25 264) and France (24 760).

Loans in the event of the death of BoJo

The physicians responsible for treating the british prime minister, Boris Johnson, reached by the new coronavirus, had prepared the announcement of his death after his hospitalization in intensive care, he said Sunday in an interview in the tabloid The Sun on Sunday.

Vaccination of millions of children threatened

Millions of children in the Middle East and North Africa are at risk of not being vaccinated against polio and measles due to the pandemic of COVID-19, which has disrupted vaccination campaigns, alert Unicef.

Iran : mosques reopened Monday

The mosques in iran, closed since mid-march, will resume from Monday, in 30% of counties in Iran, announced by president Hassan Rohani.

A priori, the measure will not be applicable to the capital city, Tehran, or Machhad and Qom, the two main cities holy to shiites in the country, among the areas most affected by the pandemic.

The recovery of the foot German is precise.

The resumption of the championship football to be precise in Germany : the minister of the Interior expressed support for the restart in may of the Bundesliga, which is due to become the first major european championship to take the plunge, behind closed doors, in spite of the players tested positive for the coronavirus.

Manaus called Greta Thunberg to help

The mayor of the brazilian city of Manaus demand the environmental activist Swedish Greta Thunberg to play “influence” to help fight the pandemic in his city, one of the most affected in Brazil, in the heart of the Amazon.

The State of Amazonas, of which Manaus is the capital, has exceeded 500 deaths due to COVID-19, many of whom are members of indigenous peoples.

Mick Jagger and Will Smith in concert

The american actor Will Smith and rock legend Mick Jagger are part of the international stars and Bollywood that are going to participate in a show in line for four hours on Sunday, intended to raise funds to help fight the epidemic in India.

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