Balance sheet of the world : WHO warns against the “passports immune”

Bilan de la monde : l'OMS met en garde contre les «passeports immunitaires»

The United States is the most affected country by number of deaths, with 51 949 deaths.

April 25, 2020 8.55

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Balance sheet of the world : WHO warns against the “passports immune”

Gael Branchereau

Agence France-Presse


GENEVA — The symbolic threshold of 200 000 people died of the novel coronavirus was made Saturday night, of which close to 90 % in Europe and the United States, at the time WHO had reservations about the issuance of “passports immune”, a point made in some countries to support the déconfinement.

With more than 53 000 deaths, the United States is the country that registered the most deaths followed by Italy (26 384), Spain (22 902), France (22 614) and the Uk (20 319).

The United States recorded Saturday night, a balance sheet daily 2494 additional deaths, a tally that is rising again in the wake of the the lowest figure in almost three weeks (1258).

Half of humanity remains contained, and in Spain, third country the most grief-stricken of the world, children trépignent, in a hurry to get out of their house for the first time in six weeks. The country, submitted since the march 14 to a containment extremely strict extended until may 9, inclusive, prohibited to under 14 years of age to get out, even accompanied by their parents.

From Sunday, the small will be able to “going out for a walk, or playing in the street once a day during a time and in a radius of a kilometre from their home”. On 2 may, adults will have the right them to go out to do sports or to walk.

In Italy, a child of nine years, Lupo, has taken advantage of his confinement : to kill the boredom, this young Milanese has programmed a video game in which the goal is to destroy virtually the COVID-19 shots shots lasers at a space ship.

Also, the idea of a hair cut flawless has prompted some to take risks : the German police discovered Saturday, two hairdressing salons, with a professional equipment, installed in the cellars of two houses in Bavaria.

WHO has a shower on Saturday, the hopes of those who were counting on a possible immunity of people who have been faced with the coronavirus, at a time when some countries have put in place programmes of serological tests in view of the déconfinement.

“There is currently no evidence that people who have recovered from the COVID-19 and who have antibodies to be immune against a second infection. ”

World health organization

Second wave

“There is currently no evidence that people who have recovered from the COVID-19 and who have antibodies to be immune against a second infection,” warned the world health Organization, encouraging them to not relax our efforts, because the threat of a second wave of death always hovering.

The muslim world has begun the fasting month of ramadan without prayers, collective or shared meals : the doors of the mosques to remain closed and the family gatherings are prohibited.

But in Pakistan, the faithful flocked to mosques and markets to buy the ingredients to prepare the dinner to celebrate the end of each day of fasting, ignoring health recommendations.

In Iran, where the disease has killed 5650 people according to official figures, the month of fasting has started in full fear of a resurgence of the epidemic, two weeks after the start of the partial reopening of the shops.

The coordinator of the fight against the disease in Tehran Aliréza Zali criticized “re-openings made in haste”, while Mohammad Mehdi Gouya, the director of the department of infectious diseases at ministry of Health, refers to “signs of a new upsurge” of the case in some provinces.

Mask mandatory

The relief of the quarantine measures decided in some States often goes hand in hand with new rules of movement and of life.

Thus in South Africa, african country is the most affected with 75 deaths, a mask will be mandatory as of may 1, the date on which the restrictions will be relaxed somewhat.

But another scourge flat on the african continent : because of problems of distribution of mosquito nets and drugs because of the coronavirus, close to 400 000 additional people could die of malaria this year, according to the organization.

The death toll of malaria in sub-saharan Africa could approach the 770 000 this year, is “two times more than in 2018,” noted the WHO, so that has take place on Saturday, the international Day of fight against this disease, which, contrary to the Covid, particularly as it affected children.

The Portuguese in the windows

In Europe, Italy will start on may 4, a campaign of serological tests on 150,000 people on a national scale to try to learn more about the pandemic.

The race is engaged between the laboratories to find the cure to the coronavirus with a half-dozen clinical trials, particularly in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Launched by the WHO, an initiative involving several European countries, the continent most mournful with more than 122 000 deaths, more than 200 730 total in the world, aims to accelerate the production of these treatments, tests and vaccines. But neither China, where the pandemic is late 2019, or the United States are associated with them.

In the United States, the country that complains the most heavy balance sheet, Donald Trump has enacted a new aid plan of nearly 500 billion US$, to relieve businesses and hospitals. There is an urgency for : gross domestic Product u.s. is expected to plunge 12 % in the quarter.

In Brazil, where the president of extreme right-wing Jair Bolsonaro is accused of passivity in the face of the pandemic, the inhabitants of the favelas have decided to act on their own.

“The favela has to fight, because if it waits for the government, it will never do,” says Thiago Firmino, a tourist guide, 39-year-old who volunteered to disinfect the streets of his neighborhood, the favela Santa Marta in Rio de Janeiro.

Confinement and rules of social distancing forces, many Portuguese have sung it in their windows to celebrate the 46th anniversary of the Revolution of the Eyelets, while the Italians are singing “Bella Ciao” to celebrate the day of the Liberation of Italy in 1945. With Marie GIFFARD Paris and the offices of the AFP in the world

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