Ban motorized vehicles from bike paths? A moment…

I want to respond to the petition of Mr. Jacques Mailhot, wanting to ban any motorized vehicle on bike paths.
I am a regular user of cycle tracks, having traveled more than 500 km since the beginning of summer. I travel in an electric wheelchair, 24 hours a day, all year long.

Indeed, I have an engine that allows me to lead a virtually normal life. But are you aware, Mr. Mailhot, that the electric chairs attributed to disabled people by the SSM for years can not run more than 10 km / h? This frustrates me, because this limitation is the fruit of some crazy heads who, before this limitation, led recklessly with electric chairs. When I’m doubled by an eight-year-old girl on the bike path, I swallow my pill and continue on my way.

Many scooters, scooters, electric motorcycles do not have this limit, and indeed, some are dangerous, as are sometimes some bikes, which one would swear they train for the Tour de France.

For the argument concerning the width of those who circulate on our tracks, that does not hold the road completely. I see skaters with their dog, many bicycles riding on two sides, parents with their offspring in a trolley at the back … My wheelchair, like most, is a lot narrower, it just 60 cm.

Mr. Mailhot, let’s ban all electric motor vehicles from bike lanes. Skateboards, scooters, chairs, scooters and, for the sake of fairness, do not forget the electric bikes. We will then be in an ideal world: only cyclists, hair in the wind and smiling on the lips.

I agree with Mr Mailhot, we should examine what types of vehicles and users use our bike paths. Putting more surveillance and fines on offenders on the trail would also be an effective solution.

A bit of civility and less egocentrism allow us to live in a more pleasant world. M Mailhot, do not put us all in the same basket!

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