Barcelona – real Sociedad – 1:0 a Chronicle of the match

Барселона - Реал Сосьедад - 1:0 Хроника матча

In the match of the 27th round of the championship of Spain “Barcelona” played with “real Sociedad”. The meeting was held in Barcelona at the camp Nou.

“Apostrophe” led online broadcast of the match Barcelona – real Sociedad.



Goals: Messi, 81 (penalty).

Barcelona: Ter Stegen, the Semed, Pique, Langlais, Alba, rakitić (Vidal 74), Busquets, de Jong, Messi, Braithwait (Firpo, 88), Griezmann (Fathi, 85).

Real Sociedad: Ramiro, Gorosabel, Llorente (Zubeldia, 71), Le Normand, Montreal, Guevara, Merino, Ødegård, Port, Barrenechea (Oyarzabal, 59), Isaac (Willian José, 82).

Then the judge gives a final whistle. “Barca” won a hard victory and returned to 1st place in the championship of Spain.

90+6. After tips of the assistants watching the replay, the referee cancelled the goal because of offside from Faty.

90+6. GOOOOOOL!!! Alba scored the second goal in gate of visitors after a pass from Fathi, who rolled him the ball on an empty net.

90+1. Messi couldn’t stop the ball in the penalty area after a pass to Alba.

90. The peak was interrupted by a dangerous pass in the penalty area of Barca.

88. Last replacement at Barca. Firpo came out instead of Braithwaite.

88. Busquets demolished the Youngster and got a warning.

85. Replacement of the owners. Griezmann left to rest, instead, he went Fati.

84. Montreal fell in the penalty area of Barca. The judge decided not to appoint a penalty in response.

81. GOOOOOL!!! Messi converted the penalty. Ramiro the direction of flight of the ball guessed, but did not reach the ball.

80. Amazing. Penalties shall appoint the arbitrator. In one of the previous episodes the ball hit the shoulder of the player guests. The judge, after watching the replay, shall appoint 11-metre blow.

78. Montreal struck by the gate, receiving the ball in the penalty area.

76. Guevara received a warning. He stopped Messi breakthrough against the rules.

75. Isaac loaded the ball wide of the target. Position to kick the guests were great.

74. Vidal came on for Rakitic.

73. Langlais in a magnificent sliding tackle stopped the pass into the penalty box Barca.

72. The semed translated the impact of Montreal on the corner. It was dangerous at gate of owners.

71. Another replacement of the guests. Llorente was replaced on the field of Zubeldia.

67. Another point to the hosts. Messi gave the penalty on Alba, the shot, but the ball no one reached out.

66. Again, Ramiro saves guests. Pique headed the ball goalwards after a pass of Messi. The ball flew through the center of the goal, so the goalkeeper the Basque took it without any problems.

65. Ramiro reflected powerful blow Rakitic.

61. Pique is booked for dangerous play in the struggle for horse ball.

60. Messi struck the crossbar from five metres, the first being on the ball. Otchayanno prevented players real Sociedad captain of the hosts and they did it.

59. Oyarzabal replaced guests of Barrenechea.

57. Head rescued someone from the players kick with the standard.

56. Merino received a warning, fouled before the penalty area on Grisman. Chance for Barca.

55. The youngster did not beat the first touch, receiving the ball in the penalty area of Barca, then he has not given to break.

54. Messi missed the target, punching right with the penalty. Near the pole passed ball.

53. De Jong gave a strong pass in the Semed area. No sooner had the Portuguese to the ball.

52. Real Sociedad have more possession of the ball, that spectators at the camp Nou greeted roar.

48. The port broke into the home box, but not earned a corner.

46. The second half began.

Break. Rest.

44. Corner earned visitors.

42. Messi received a warning for rough play.

40. The perfect combination played host. In the final parts of De Jong gave the ball to Messi in the penalty area. The Argentine struck for accuracy, but missed the goal.

39. Ramiro took the ball after a cross from Braithwaite.

36. Not allowed to break the Messi defenders after the Argentine received the ball in the penalty area from Alba.

33. Ter Stegen ahead of Porto, who was trying to get with him one on one.

29. Messi is challenged for the ball, gave the ball to Rakitic, he brought the Argentine one-on-one with Ramiro. Goalkeeper “real Sociedad” reflected the impact of the captain of the hosts.

29. Rakitic struck from afar. By.

27. Isak’s head struck the crossbar masters.

24. In the center of the field now, the game is played. Guests in no way inferior to the eminent rival.

19. Blocked players “Barcelona” the impact of Isaac, who appeared with the ball in the penalty area.

16. Langlais received a yellow card for a foul guests. Fouled the Frenchman on the Port in the centre of the field.

15. Again Braithwait burst into the penalty area and shot. The shot was not strong, Ramiro easily collected the ball.

10. Ramiro reflected the impact of Braithwaite for a corner. Forward of “Barcelona” was shot from outside the box but the angle was quite sharp.

8. The peak interrupted a lumbago from the right flank of the attack of the guests.

4. Ødegård almost went one on one with Ter Stegen, but the moment to strike was never found. Forced his players Barca to go to the front line and from there to the ball in the net from the outside.

1. The match has started.

Teams already on the field.

“Apostrophe” is looking to follow the Central match 27-go round of the championship of Spain.

The favorite of the series according to bookmakers, the hosts were. On the victory of “Barcelona” taken bets with odds of 1.40. Draw estimated the price of 5.55. To win real Sociedad can be supplied with a ratio of 8.30.

Barcelona climbed to 1st place in the standings of the Spanish Primera division with 58 points. Real Sociedad is on 6th position with 43 points and a match in hand.

In the first round in San Sebastian the team played a draw with the score 2:2.


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