Batman v Superman : Zack Snyder explains why Clark Kent has not saved Martha

Batman v Superman : Zack Snyder explique enfin pourquoi Clark Kent n'a pas sauvé Martha

The answer to this existential question is finally here and it is Zack Snyder who serves on a plate !

This is THE question that irks the fans since the film’s release on march 23, 2016 ! The sequence of the kidnapping of Martha Kent, played by Diane Lane, has not ceased to return their spirit. In Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice, it is the Bat who ends up saving the mother of his “friend/enemy”, despite the powers of Superman. A reversal of the situation which has been much questioned. Zack Snyder finally comes to put your brains to be tortured for the rest. The filmmaker explained on his official twitter Vero why Clark hasn’t found his mother alone. He knew perfectly well that he was able to locate it, as it has done for Lois, played by Amy Adams, so why ? Apparently, the answer was in a scene that was cut, which he has given the details.

It is a green background. He flies over the city and flat. The camera begins to spin around him, when he hears cries of despair throughout the city. As we are getting closer, he suffers because he knows that if he tries to find it by using his powers, he will have to ignore the countless crimes that take place in the two cities and the world“. The choice was tough : Save the world or save his adoptive mother himself. Despite the difficulty of this decision, Superman had to decide, and has decided to go directly to confront Lex Luthor, entrusting the fate of his mother to Batman. After all, Martha will survive, unlike him. In the kind of Karma not nice, it doesn’t get any better ! Well, fortunately, his buddies super-heroes will resurrect him in the Justice League, which does not prevent the film to leave a lot of questions without answers…