Bavaria : the CSU in difficulty for the regional elections

Bavière : la CSU en difficulté pour les élections régionales

Bavière : la CSU en difficulté pour les élections régionales

After more than sixty years of reign on the Bavarian conservative CSU could see a debacle in history this Sunday during regional elections. According to the voting intentions, the social christian Union (CSU) may lose the absolute majority.

This ballot marked in particular by a campaign against migrants will be observed closely by Berlin but also in Brussels, where Bavaria is perceived as a laboratory of mutations of the rights on the continent.

“We have seen in the whole of Europe that the issue of migration is a theme that dominates the election campaigns. The CSU is currently suffering from this debate. I think we need to give people the impression that we have a solution. We can solve the problem. For that, firstly, Europe must keep its promises at the european Council next week. I am waiting for the results because of the absence of adequate response, we will feed the populist”, warns Manfred Weber, leader of the EPP in the european Parliament and member of the CSU.

The two parties could take advantage of these regional elections in Bavaria

Between the drought, which has hit Germany this summer, and the scandals related to the diesel, the winds are carriers for environmentalists. The Greens have never been so high in the polls since 2011 and Fukushima.

In Bavaria, a region with a catholic majority, the Greens seem to reach to attract part of the electorate of the traditional and CSU, in profound disagreement, in the name of christian charity, with the online anti-migrant party and its leader, the German minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer.

The AfD (Alternative for Germany) party, far-right, waiting for its hour. Bavaria is one of the last two Länder, on the sixteen, where the party is not yet represented in the regional Parliament. The AfD prosperous since the arrival of over a million refugees in the country in 2015-2016.

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