Beauty Match : Sarah Lopez (Villa 4) tackle its rivals, a candidate requested in marriage live, the winners are… Replay of the week

This week in Beauty Game, Lufy is facing an equal, some candidates are facing a huge makeover and Sarah Lopez tackle violently of its rivals…

This week on TFX, 10 couples perfect 2 has left room for season 2 of Beauty Match, and Sarah Lopez, who is entrusted excluded on the look Astrid Nelsia, Mélanight and Léana here confronts Fiona and the twins Guess the Twins. Between PREPPY, ultra sexy and streetstyle, this is the clash of looks between the three candidates, and the critics abound between the three ! On Monday, they are responsible for the care of the look, Laura, who is seeking to be more credible as a teacher. Sarah Lopez has dared to pants leopard and the body in lace, but quite cleverly proportioned to be selected by the candidate. She won two likes and Fiona, and decides to call on the services of a hairdresser to change her hair color… A risky choice but one that will be paying !

Beauty Match : Sarah Lopez (La Villa 4) tacle ses rivales, une candidate demandée en mariage en direct, les gagnantes sont... Replay de la semaine

The second candidate was a “potential crazy” according to the twins, which is complexed by his small size ! Besides, these are parts on the track pant, a proposal unprecedented that candidates have difficulty understanding it… But that will not appeal to the old of the day, which was cracked on the high waist pants. Sarah Lopez comes in second with a like given by Tania, which allows him to keep the top of the rankings. On Wednesday, Julie requested help to find her love and her femininity. Sarah Lopez is the first to go out and opts for a combination that does a lot of talking about the showroom ! Julie has chosen the leopard dress, as proposed by the twins, giving one point to Sarah. The twins are taking a big risk in cutting the hair of the young woman in the square ! The metamorphosis is complete, and successful.

Beauty Match : Sarah Lopez (La Villa 4) tacle ses rivales, une candidate demandée en mariage en direct, les gagnantes sont... Replay de la semaine

The surprises continue on Thursday with the candidate of the day, Audrey, who found herself wooed by a direct after his amazing transformation ! A first in the program, just as the victory of Fiona this week, which finally manages to catch up on its competitors with its long dress with flowers. Finally, on Friday the Guess the twins went in the lead for the final day. But nothing is done because the 5 likes distributed by Lufy can reverse the trend ! Mary seeks to be less vulgar in order to find love, true love. It has been a real challenge for our influenceuses, and Fiona has won this new makeover by having the output of the young woman of his comfort zone with a look of working girl. Thanks to the likes of Lufy, the winners of the week are the twins ! Also check out here the interview excluded of Sarah Lopez, who relies on Julien Bert, Villa 4, and Jordan right here.