Became known, who in Kiev fell heating and hot water

							Стало известно, для кого в Киеве подешевело отопление и горячая вода

On November 9 in the capital began to operate the new tariffs for heating and hot water, for some of Kiev, the price of these services decreased. According to the administration on October 22, 2018 No. 1902, we are talking about the residents of homes without heat and for those who have no heated towel rail.

Tariffs for heating:

  • in the absence of meter in the apartment or house — 23,09 UAH per sq m (before 31,52 UAH per sq m);
  • in the presence of an apartment or house meter — 1354,36 UAH per Gcal (UAH per Gcal 1354,78).

Tariffs for hot water fell for homes without towel rail to 67,61 UAH per cu. m (74,52 UAH per cu. m). Rate with connection of the heater equal of 80.59 UAH per cubic meter.

November 9, inhabitants of Kiev “delighted” with the new tariffs for centralized heating. Earlier, the Cabinet explained how to reduce heating bills 4 times. It also became known that in current season Ukraine will be introduced the monitoring of the quality of services for heating.