Became known why Depp didn’t want to remove in the “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Стало известно, почему Деппа не хотят снимать в «Пиратах Карибского моря»

Became known the real reason why the Disney Studio was willing to consider johnny Depp’s role in the continuation of the franchise “pirates of the Caribbean”.

Previously, the statement of kinobuss that in the next part of the movie will not be the permanent main character Jack Sparrow, met the surprise of the public.

Everyone thought that the fact, what is scandalous trail accompanied by American actor the last couple of years — say, the Studio doesn’t want the tainted reputation of the Hollywood stars spoil the movie rental family.

However, recently it became known that the producers and 55-year-old actor just don’t agree on the price.

Went bankrupt due to the thrust to a life of luxury johnny had requested as much as $ 90 million the movie made. The actor was confident, as it is so much (along with a percentage of box office receipts) received for “pirates of the Caribbean: dead men tell no tales”.

However, the last film of the hopes of the producers to hire is not justified, so we decided that johnny is too expensive and has a lot of brings, writes