Become aware of the problems in the family of Nikolai Tishchenko

Стали известны проблемы в семье Николая Тищенко

23-year-old Alla Baranovskaya, the wife of Nikolai Tishchenko, scared fans with a new Instagram post.

23-year-old Alla Baranovskaya — wife of Nikolay Tischenko, Kyiv restaurateur and former presenter of the infamous project Auditor with Tishchenko on the New channel. On his official page in Instagram the girl published a post in which he informed fans that she began to have serious health problems.

“Much sickness for me two advantages: I like the house and would not want to run off to work in @clipse.kiev because of the need to continue the discounts at @clipse.cosmetics, physically can not. And the second is I lose weight! Actually, seriously, I feel so bad for the first time in many years! Skin hurts terribly! Direct punches to the bone! Waiting for the doctor! The third day 38-39,” he wrote in a personal microblogging Alla Baranovskaya.

Netizens have reacted to a new Instagram post Alla Baranovskaya. They bombarded the social network wishes for a speedy recovery. Under its publication the wife of Nikolay Tishchenko found many words of support: “5-6 days and begins to recover! Hold on,” “Often organsm Pereda us through the cold “skilki can pracovat? Docheva”. I mean yea the mill, to work it and not mozhu! Nkoli need docility, vaklyuchateli from slogo. VSI know, ale trudogolick hi” reports