Beginning of the fire in downtown Trois-Rivières: the sprinklers save the House of debauchery

A start of fire and a major water damage due to the activation of a jet force the temporary closure of the restaurant La Maison de Débauche, in downtown Trois-Rivières. The incident occurred the same day the institution had to hold a cocktail celebrating its 15th anniversary. The event is obviously postponed to a later date.
If he is relieved that the sprinkler system has proved effective, “otherwise the whole street could have passed,” Dany Bruneau, owner of the restaurant, estimates nevertheless that the material losses related to the disaster could exceed $ 100,000. It is not so much fire that is at the source of the damage, but the amount of water released by the jet that will have caused considerable damage to the basement room, explains the restorer. “At least we are reassured that it works,” he consoled himself.

The fire broke out in the night from Saturday to Sunday. A lamp located too close to the battery on the stage would have overheated, believes Mr. Bruneau. “The hardest thing is that we were expecting a lot of people to celebrate our 15th birthday,” he says. He maintains, however, that this is only part of the discount. “We’ll get double,” he promises. The owner ensures that the restaurant will reopen in the coming days.

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