Behind-the-scenes of The Voice Kids 5 : We have attended the last coaching sessions of Jenifer et Amel Bent (EXCLUDED)

While the grand final of The Voice Kids 5 will start in a few hours, melty has had the opportunity to attend the rehearsals the day before.

If you have missed the semi-final of The Voice Kids 5, there is still time to catch up with you on melty because the grand final is broadcast on Friday 7 December 2018 to 21h on TF1 ! On this occasion, melty has got the chance to slip on the plateau during the rehearsals the day before, where the coaches have followed the time of an afternoon to fine-tune the benefits of their foals. While Soprano and Patrick Fiori are already gone, I landed on a scene where Melia team Jenifer is in the process of repeating. Placed front-row seat in the bleachers, I see that the young girl has the voice, which could well give him the victory !

Dans les coulisses de The Voice Kids 5 : On a assisté aux derniers coachings de Jenifer et Amel Bent (EXCLU)

Well installed, I can observe the reaction of the coaches and the candidates. Melia should be repeated with a particular decor, because it must begin its song lying in a bed. Not easy to find the right moment to get up and move on this great tray full of dancers. A bit intimidated and lost, and Jenifer arrives to rescue her, to advise her and give her confidence in it. Comes the turn of little Emma who despite his age, seems to be downright at ease and born to do this job. His performance on the Whitney Houston is just AMAZING and gives the chills. Pascal Guix, the producer of the show, then comes to my meeting for me to explain a little novelty.

Dans les coulisses de The Voice Kids 5 : On a assisté aux derniers coachings de Jenifer et Amel Bent (EXCLU)

This year, after a passage of individual talent, the public will eliminate one in each team. Then, the candidate selected will perform with his/her coach before knowing the final verdict. Result, Jenifer repeats with Melia’s and then Emma on the title “Just one love” of Slimane, but the tone is not the same with its two protected, to give a bit of a hard time to the performer of “Our Romance”. We connect with Amel Bent, who made his entry into mode jogging, anything to be comfortable for his coaching. Ermonia takes the stage and sings several times in history to highlight the beautiful scenery of the rooftops of paris that lies behind it. Amel did not find anything wrong with him and Madison, she has pricked in the team of Soprano, takes over.

Dans les coulisses de The Voice Kids 5 : On a assisté aux derniers coachings de Jenifer et Amel Bent (EXCLU)

Once again, the performance is perfect and there is nothing to work specifically for Madison. Amel Bent is being put into place in its turn to interpret the duets with his talents, but fails to pass a note, of what the tease in a joking manner. During this time, I learn that Angelina, the winner of The Voice Kids 4 who finished second in the contest Eurovision Junior, will be present during the bonus. Finally, the repetitions ending with Amel Bent, who sings “Tell me who you are”, his new single unveiled this December 7, 2018. A suspended moment, which should give the chills to the viewers, who will surely be many in front of their screen tonight to find out the name of the grand winner of this fifth edition.