Beijing is putting pressure on the canadian softwood lumber

Pékin fait pression sur le bois d’oeuvre canadien

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The threat of China is inscribed in a context of tensions with Ottawa around a framework of chinese Huawei.

China, the largest customer of canadian lumber, left to hover in the threat to take this product after the discovery of parasites in a context of tensions with Ottawa around a framework of chinese Huawei.

Canada is one of the largest producers and exporters in the world of timber, used especially as a support in construction (boards, beams…). As for China, it is, after the United States, the second largest market for canadian producers of softwood lumber. Last year, the exports of this product to the asian giant have reached 894 million, according to Ottawa.

The chinese ministry of foreign Affairs confirmed on Tuesday that the customs had recently detected pests on consignments of timber imported from Canada.

“The chinese authorities have informed in a timely fashion the canadian portion of the non-compliance [of these products] and asked him to look for the causes and take measures for improvement” needed, pointed out a spokesman of the ministry, Zhao Lijian.

The spokesperson did not provide more details and china customs have made no mention of the public of this case.

Relations between Beijing and Ottawa are notoriously bad since the arrest in Canada at the end of 2018 of a head of Huawei group, at the request of the United States. Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of the chinese giant telecoms, is accused by Washington of having bypassed u.s. sanctions against Iran. It now risks extradition to the United States, after the decision last month by the canadian court to continue the proceedings.

Beijing has demanded on several occasions in recent weeks the release “immediate” Meng Wanzhou, also the daughter of the founder of Huawei.

On a background of tensions with Canada, China had ” suspended for several months last year imports of meat to this country, citing sanitary reasons and for breaches of the regulations. But some observers have seen in retaliation. China had also blocked imports of the two major canadian producers of rapeseed, claiming to have found ” harmful “.

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