Ben Affleck thanked his ex-wife

Бен Аффлек благодарит бывшую жену

As you know, the popular Hollywood 46-year-old actor Ben Affleck has long been hostage to a serious alcohol addiction.

Due to addiction to hard liquor man was removed from important roles and have ceased to give new, as the drunken brawler is not the person with whom pleasant to work with.

After breaking up with his latest lover, producer Lindsay Sukus, the man finally lowered his hands and drank himself to death if he did not save his ex-wife, not once rescued him out of trouble, a 46-year-old beautiful actress Jennifer garner. The woman convinced Ben to resume treatment at the clinic and took him there where Affleck treated to this day.

In recognition of Affleck, he was insanely grateful to Jennifer because she saved him from binge drinking and death. The actor said that he believes ex-wife is a wonderful woman and mother, and he is very happy that she is the mother of his three children.

At the moment, Ben Affleck is restored and again becomes accustomed to a healthy lifestyle. He even took part in hosted by the 49-year-old Latin American actress Jennifer Lopez ten-day marathon, during which strenuously went in for sports and did not use harmful food.

The actor admitted that it was not easy for him, but he was able to master this challenge and are very pleased with the results, writes