Benjamin Castaldi (TPMP) to be the victim of a motorcycle accident, it gives her new

Benjamin Castaldi has recently given his news about his motorcycle accident and it tells you more here.

Thursday last, Benjamin Castaldi was out of Touch Not to My Post, since it has been the victim of a motorcycle accident a little earlier in the day. If Cyril Hanouna had announced that the chronicler had a broken ankle, it is found that this is ultimately much more serious than that… On his Twitter account, Benjamin Castaldi has published the following message : “@TPMP Hello friends, thanks for all your messages… Con it is a little more serious than I thought… open Fracture of the heel and the knee… Little turn on the pool table and I find you quickly… Finally, I hope. I kiss you !! ❤️”

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@tpmptv news for all of you and thank you for all your messages of encouragement that I go straight to the heart .. I love you strong ! very soon !

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On his account Instagram, he then posted a video of him live from the hospital where he explains that he’s going to have to stay 4-5 days after the surgery. Benjamin Castaldi hopes to then go back on the shelf in Key Not at My Post just after ! At the time of writing at melty, we wish him a very speedy recovery ! And if not in a any other registry, you should know that in our recap tv of the week, you talk about the relationship between Fiji Ruiz and Dylan Princes and Princesses of Love 2, and then, do you know if Sarah Lopez of The Villa of Broken Hearts 4 and Julien Bert are in couple or not…