Berlin – Russian Director was forbidden to build a wall in the city centre

Берлин - российскому режиссеру запретили строить стену в центре города

Russian filmmaker Ilya Chrzanowska Berlin authorities were not allowed to build in the center of the city installation “DAU: Freedom”, dedicated to the postwar division of Germany.

About it reports The Guardian.

The idea Khrzhanovsky, in the city centre was planned to erect the Berlin wall dividing the German capital from 1961 to 1989. Those wishing to visit the exhibition would have to obtain a special visa and go through border control.

The representative of the municipal authorities Mattias Tanga explained the ban for the safety of citizens. The authorities decided that the exhibition does not provide a sufficient number of fire exits and could impede the access of fire engines to buildings. Tang stressed that the prohibition does not relate to the content of the exhibition.

It is noted that the authors planned to open the installation in mid-October, but applied too late. Thus, the representative of the municipal authorities said that if the sponsors were prepared to move the opening at a later time, the authorities of Berlin are ready to help them to develop a plan that works for firefighters and police.

The opening of the installation was timed to the premiere of the film, Khrzhanovsky “Dau”, dedicated to the Nobel prize by the Soviet theoretical physicist Lev Landau.

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