Beyonc? and Jay-Z, Childish Gambino, Janelle Mon?e : Who will win the Grammy Award for 2019 for the best clip of the year ?

Less than a month from the 61st edition of the Grammy Awards, the pressure starts to mount. With you, we are on the category of the most political of the year, one of the best video clip.

All cooked ? If we told you there is little that Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Camila Cabello has the more chances to win the Grammy Award for 2019 in the best performance pop solo, force is to recognize that this is not the only category in which the outcome could create the surprise. Indeed, in reviewing the list of the named and the forgotten of this new edition of the musical event of the year, it is clear that the category concerning the video clips is far from being fully predictable. For you, we have therefore decided to review the nominees and explain why such an artist would be more legitimate than a(e) other. Are you ready ? It is gone !

The Carters — “Going Apeshit”

We’re not going to lie, when Beyonc? & Jay-Z have unveiled the clip of”going apeshit” last June, we were first stunned by their audacity. Filming a clip at the Louvre in the middle of the night, without the surprise being broadcasted was the true miracle. Even more, the torque, the more powerful of the music industry has not decided to do in the subtlety , since he puts himself fully in the scene as a figure major artistic of our time. The purists have cried out to the scandal while we could not hide our admiration. By rethinking the place of Blacks in western culture, the Carter hit very hard. Chance of success : 25%.

Childish Gambino — “This Is America”

Unless you have completely fled the Internet in may of last year, you have not been able to escape the tornado Chilidish Gambino. The actor-singer is usually very discreet but one thing is for sure : the clip is extremely political and violent , “This Is America” made noise, lots of noise ! Highlighting the police violence and the killings of dozens of young Black people, the star of the series “Atlanta” has managed its move : putting America’s Trump facing his biggest demon, the institutionalized racism. The realization of Hiro Murai is excellent and the fake sequence shots are enough to fascinate the greatest filmmakers of our time. A clip is important and necessary ! Chance of success : 50%.

Joyner Lucas — “I’m Not Racist”

Unveiled in November 2017, the clip “I’m Not Racist” Joyner Lucas has attracted the admiration of peers of the rapper as the latter has managed to implement image the resentment of many Americans after the election of Donald Trump, the one of having to feel in danger in a country that still lives with the legacy of slavery and segregation. By repeating “I’m Not Racist” and featuring a young Black man in the face of a supporter of Donald Trump particularly rabid, Joyner Lucas has succeeded in his coup de com’. Unfortunately, in the face of such competition, a victory seems at present absolutely impossible. Chance to win 0%.

Janelle Mon?e — “Pynk”

Also named in the category for album of the year for Dirty Computer, Janelle Mon?e is the real challenger of this year. Her album has been cited multiple times as the best of the 2018 and that each of its clips is an incursion very much appreciated in the daily lives of black women and queer America. In addition to being captivating and poetic, “Pynk” pays homage to the crotch of women. In an era resolutely woke – and post-#MeToo, the rite of “Pynk” — and, more generally, of Janelle Mon?e — would be a message full of hope sent to entire new generation. Chance of success : 25%.

Tierra Whack — “Mumbo Jumbo”

When the 8 December last year, the american Academy has unveiled its list of the named, the presence of “Mumbo Jumbo” of Tierra Whack in this category has left many perplexed. And for good reason, this appointment gave the impression that the nomination committee had preferred snober Taylor Swift, yet brilliant in “Look What You Made Me Do”. And in less than a month’s Grammy Awards, it is clear that no one can believe for a single second to a victory of Tierra Whack. The clip (which the watch is making it in a cabinet of dentists particularly prone to the blood, the pain, and alterations in non-useful) leaves us today still marble, and should be quickly forgotten… Chances : 0%.