Beyoncé and Jay Z crazy in love to the point of having another baby, Queen B is already pregnant !

This is the rumor of the day ! Beyoncé and Jay Z crazy in love would like another child. It is murmurerait even that Queen B is already pregnant. It explains everything…

Queen B is pregnant for the third time ? This is the rumor of the day ! While Beyoncé has organised a huge feast for the 49-year-old Jay Z in South Africa, it would seem that they have a whole new project since they finished their tour On The Run Tour II. According to HollywoodLife, a source have told : “Beyoncé and Jay would love to have another child and they have already spoken. But there is no emergency.” As a reminder, Beyoncé gave birth to their twins Rumi and Sir in June 2017. The source added : “They want to do things well. They don’t necessarily want to be in a hurry“.

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We are so happy to share the final OTR2 with all of you, Seattle.

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In addition, the two artists have careers that require time. We remember last year when Beyoncé was forced to cancel his performance at Coachella. Queen B was assigned to this subject in an interview with Vogue : “My health and my babies were in danger. I had to stay lying in bed during my last month of pregnancy. And I’ve finally had an emergency c-section. My body took time to recover from it”. It is easy to understand why Queen B and Jay Z don’t want to rush to have another child ! In the meantime, Beyoncé : Her daughter Blue Ivy is her spitting image when she was little.