Bigflo & Oli always fans Orelsan, even if he has refused to make a feat with them, they reveal their favorite tracks from the rapper

Bigflo & Oli toujours fans d'Orelsan même s'il a refusé de faire un feat avec eux, ils dévoilent leurs morceaux préférés du rappeur

Despite that, Orelsan, refused to collaborate with them, Bigflo and Oli continue to be fans of Orelsan. The proof, they just give the Top 3 of their favorite tracks from the rapper.

“In this environment I was very disappointed, I’ll say any of the following / Like the time Orelsan, we refused the feat / Yet he knows how much we love / come on, without rancor, but a bit” loose Bigflo in the title “real life”. Since then, Bigflo and Oli have said that they would probably never of collaboration with Orelsan. Despite everything, they continue to dig and listen to what he is doing. The proof : they come to reveal the Top 3 of their tracks from the rapper caennais. It lets you to discover from now on melty.

“Invisible stars, the fear of failure and notes for too late,” says Bigflo, after a fan asked him what were his 3 favorite songs of Orelsan in the course of a discussion on Twitter including the hashtag was #unenuitavecbigflo. While Booba and Kaaris fight at the airport of Orly, fight to which Rohff comes to react, the two brothers made the choice to continue to speak well of their favourite rapper, despite their animosity towards him. Who said that the rappers were good at fighting ?

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