Bigflo & Oli at the top with The life you dream of, they will announce wanting to make a break

Bigflo & Oli score with their new album The life you dream of. But the two brothers want to make a break for the next few months.

Bigflo & Oli are a part of our playlist of the week of the best artists in Spotify of the year 2018. Not surprising when one knows what they have accomplished in only a few years. After the cardboard of their second album, real life, certified triple platinum in France, they have conducted more than 100 performances across the country. On November 23, 2018, they released The dream-life, their new project, which complements the previous one. But for this album, the two brothers have decided not to defend it on tour, too tired by the pace of recent months.

In an interview given to Paris Match, Bigflo & Oli said he needed to take a break : “Since June 2017, it has not stopped. It is hyperfatigant” said Bigflo before that Oli continues : “We don’t want that young people idealize the life of a star. Today, they all want to become each other, to be famous, but I can assure you that our friends tell us that for anything in the world they would not like our life. Apart from financially !”. A need to blow so to better find their audience : “We’ve done some cities twice… that’s why there are no plans to tour for this album, for a year where you only do the big appointment. We don’t want to exhaust the audience and exhausting. If the album works, it can go on the road in 2020” have specified Bigflo and Oli, who have had to postpone their concert in Paris because of the protests.