Bigflo & Oli in concert at the AccorHôtels Arena, Vianney made a big dumpling

On RTL, Vianney has made a big pellet in speaking of the concert of the brothers Bigflo & Oli at the AccorHôtels Arena of Paris.

Bigflo & Oli have made a big splash in this week’s top albums with The real life, their new opus which has not finished to be talked about. In full promotion, the two brothers no longer have a minute to themselves, since they ensure at the same time a tour through France. Guests in the show At the right time of Stéphane Bern on RTL, they were surprised to listen to an audio message recorded by their friend Vianney. But it has made a huge dumpling as it unveiled a information that was to remain secret…

Bigflo & Oli en concert à l'AccorHôtels Arena, Vianney fait une grosse boulette

“Hi guys, I have a real practical issue. We sing together in Bercy here, Saturday, (December 8, editor’s note). I still know not what we do. so tell me the song we will sing where, then, is this to be done as in festival, we decided on the scene ?” said the interpreter of “Not there”. Discomfort during the radio show, since no one had to be aware of his coming to the AccorHôtels Arena : “Vianney, it was supposed to be a surprise. It’s cool that everyone is aware of it…” replied Oli. Fortunately, Bigflo & Oli, who have failed to start their career in a famous tv-hook, are cool, and do not wish to blunderer.