Bill gates introduced the waterless toilet

 Билл Гейтс представил безводный туалет

Microsoft CEO bill gates presented the draft of the toilet, works without connecting to water supply and sanitation, writes the BBC. Innovative toilet presented at the exhibition of technologies for recycling Reinvented Toilet Expo in China.

“Frankly, 10 years ago I would have thought that so many know about the feces,” joked gates during his speech. According to him, the products will make a revolution in sanitation.

 Билл Гейтс представил безводный туалет

Photo: AFP

To demonstrate the device gates came on stage with a glass jar that contained feces. The businessman said that this number can contain up to 200 trillion cells of rotavirus, 20 billion bacteria Shigella and 100 thousand eggs of the parasitic worm.

Toilet from bill gates uses several types of chemicals in order to recycle waste into fertilizer. According to the head of Microsoft, the concept of the toilet is almost ready, and soon it will give producers to test the market. The device has developed a Foundation named bill gates, who for seven years received more than $ 200 million of funding.

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