Billboards: the Plateau-Mont-Royal is successful

Panneaux publicitaires: le Plateau-Mont-Royal a gain de cause

Photo: Olivier Zuida The Duty
In 2010, the elected officials of the Plateau had adopted a regulation banning the giant advertising panels on the territory of the borough.

The Plateau-Mont-Royal has been successful in supreme Court against the companies display Astral, Pattison and Outfront. By 9 October, these will have to dismantle the billboards present on the territory of the district of montreal.

The supreme Court has rejected the application for leave to appeal companies display on Thursday. “This is a great victory against the visual pollution,” commented the councillor for Jeanne-Mance, Alex Norris, delighted by this outcome.

The decision of the supreme Court puts an end to a saga that has lasted for a decade. In 2010, the elected representatives of the Tray, then directed by the mayor, Luc Ferrandez, had adopted a regulation banning the giant advertising panels on the territory of the borough. The companies referred to were then turned to the courts.

Invoking an unjustified infringement of the right to freedom of expression recognized by the charters, the superior Court had invalidated the regulation.

Last September, the Court of appeal, however, reversed this judgment in a majority decision. It was concluded that this regulation was not a “breach of maximum” freedom of expression since the 38 panels referred to represented only a small percentage of those in the territory of the City of Montreal.

“I hope that the supreme Court’s decision will encourage other municipalities to think more about the issue of visual pollution,” said Alex Norris. “One is not obliged to accept that the landscape is enlaidis or privatised for purely advertising and marketing. We can act and the judgment the shows. “

The elected, however, recognized that the heritage character of the Plateau-Mont-Royal has played in favor of the borough in this folder. Another city might not have the same success, he said : “But it is part of a worldwide movement to combat visual pollution. The decision of the supreme Court represents a step forward for this movement “.

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