Bird Box : Susanne Bier (director) responds to questions that all the fans are wondering

There are small details that bother the viewers, and the filmmaker has explained some.

Already a good fifteen days as Bird Box, the movie Netflix super scary with Sandra Bullock, the buzz on the streaming platform and social networks. Director Susanne Bier has thus responded to the site People to some of the questions posed by the fans. For those who wonder where Felix and Lucy pick up the car, the filmmaker explains : “I think that the grocery store was their plan, but we don’t know ! I think it was where they wanted to go, but I find it quite exciting not to know exactly where they were“. Susanne Bier has also shared his feelings on the reappearance of doctor Lapham at the end of the film : “I felt that I needed a bit of real hope. And I thought that having someone else to survive, and that this is someone she has met at a time when she rejected the life, and do end up at this moment [where she wants to live] – I felt that it was a very warm and optimistic to the end.”

Bird Box : Susanne Bier (la r?alisatrice) r?pond aux questions que tous les fans se posent

“And it also makes us think, “Oh, there are other survivors !”, I think it adds to the conclusion a greater hope that that if this had not been the case”, adds the director. As to why Tom is the only one to have survived with Malorie and the children, Susanne Bier replied : “We have seen her as someone who is lonely, and we wanted her to know love. And we have also seen that this would allow him to take care of the children and be as severe as it is with the children, and at the same time be recognizable and emotionally accessible. I think that this love story is beautiful, and I think that is also a reason for the audience to like the film.” This does not answer all the questions that were being raised again on Bird Box : a conclusion, it definitely needs a sequel.