Black Friday: become known for record-breaking sums spent by Ukrainians for home appliances

«Черная пятница»: стали известны рекордные суммы, потраченные украинцами на бытовую технику

The population during the week of “black Friday”, November 19-25, spent for home appliances and electronics record 2.5 billion. Most of all, increased sales of televisions: 3.6 times the previous week and 1.5 times compared to last year’s “black Friday.” The most popular model sold on average 16% discount to the price the previous week, however, in comparison with the previous year, the average bill for TV has increased by 9%.

“Sales of home appliances and electronics in Ukraine was the largest for the entire period of the study,” the data show the weekly analysis of Point of Sales Tracking GfK Ukraine.

Smartphone sales for black Friday grew by 2.1 times the previous week and 1.5 times to the previous “black Friday”. The average bill for a smartphone for the year increased by 9% and the real discount to the price of the previous week amounted to only 6%.

According to the study, sales of refrigerators in the current “black Friday” increased by 3.2 times compared to the previous week, and washing machines – almost 3. Discounts on these product groups was 10-12%, but last year they rose by 2% and 5%.

In the notebook market sales increased 1.8 times in value terms and almost doubled in physical at lower prices to the previous week average at 6%.

Recall that in the “black Friday” online shop Rozetka broke the record of sales. Ukrainians also broke the record for the volume of payments by cards. However, the biggest record “Black Friday” was installed in the U.S. last year.