Black Mirror : Bandersnatch, the interactive movie Netflix that you return the spirit, and our critical

We looked at Bandersnatch, the episode interactive Netflix, a mix between a movie and video game, and it will return you the spirit.

Netflix is not the type to make promises in the air. 24 hours only after having unveiled the trailer for the Bandersnatch, the first episode of season 5 of the series Black Mirror, the streaming platform, created a small revolution by pulling out his first interactive creation. Not really a movie, not a video game, and still far short of an episode basic, Bandersnatch provides you with 5 images, for a viewing experience that can range from 90 to 150 minutes. The reason of such effusions : 13 alternative endings, up to which the viewer will navigate by choosing every five minutes between two options (sometimes only one, a choice that is not a) story. Each combination of choices leads to a different ending, ever really a happy end, some being a lot more depressing than others. But don’t worry, you are guaranteed a critical 100% without spoilers.

Black Mirror : Bandersnatch, le film interactif Netflix qui vous retourne l'esprit, notre critique

Stefan has a gift for programming video games. Since the death of his mother when he was 5 years old, it revels in this virtual world, he quickly learns to create himself. After several years of work, only 19 years old, he is offered a golden opportunity by the new juggernaut of the computer game : Tuckersoft. The choice, he will be able to work with his idol Colin, or develop its concept alone, as long he delivers the result to the date expected. Bandersnatch is based on the book of the same name, that the author’s visionary was endowed with many end alternatives and leave the choice of the epilogue to the reader. Stefan desperately wants to transcribe these choices in his game, even if it meant losing slowly because, as the author of the book before him. Every five minutes, Netflix will offer you a choice screenplay, from the most innocuous to the most murderer, but all of them have an importance, direct or indirect. Also, if you do not make the effort to choose, Netflix will do it for you. Following the choices that you make, you will sometimes need to go back, this will lead you can be to choose between two proposals are exactly the same. Netflix leaves you your free will, but you will soon understand that it is all the same Charlie Booker, the creator, who decides for you.

Black Mirror : Bandersnatch, le film interactif Netflix qui vous retourne l'esprit, notre critique

If interactivity is intuitive and ambitious, it can quickly become tiresome. The choices are so many placed end to end, that can quickly be upset and decide not to go and get the 13 alternative realities. The purpose being pafois not clearly defined, you quickly go back and retype the same scenes again and again, leaves you lost in the intricacies of your decisions, like Stefan, are not really your concern. A user of Reddit has had the ingenuity to list all of the possible choices and the end to which they lead, which may allow you to seeing you there. If the idea of a episode interactive is innovative and smart, for a first, Netflix would have perhaps been less greedy and move towards a scenario less embranch?. 4 alternative endings would already have been sufficient for a start, history does not lose the audience least likely to click. Too much choice kills the choice. We are already forced to make thousands of decisions, small though they are, in daily life, it can quickly become tiring to have to do during the moment of relaxation that has become a binge-watching Netflix. You have to admire the effort, the astronomical amount of work, the novelty of the scenario. Many will be delighted to have so many choices at their disposal, but for others (us in this case), 150 mins of film can turn into indigestion. The experience is, therefore, to try absolutely, but be aware you may be just one end or both ends during your first viewing, leaves to return to it later. We regret to kick the good old episodes of Black Mirror, in which one waits for the rest of season 5 with anticipation.