Black Mirror : don’t panic, there will be a season 5 in addition to Bandersnatch !

If the interactive movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has made the fans completely crazy, Netflix will unveil in the near future a fifth full season of the series.

The series Black Mirror is back on the 28th of December with an episode interactive, entitled “Bandersnatch”. Many thought he would be the output of the fifth season of the series. However, no other episode of the show is released at the same time as well, the fans were particularly surprised and disappointed. The New York Times stated even that the episode interactive Black Mirror : Bandersnatch, which we has completely returned to the spirit, is in reality the one and only of the season 5 of the show. But do not panic, if you’re addicted to the series, you will be entitled to a fifth full season. In fact, Netflix would have confirmed as a true season is in preparation and is expected to be unveiled on the streaming platform online in the year 2019.

Black Mirror : Pas de panique, il y aura bien une saison 5 en plus de Bandersnatch !

There will be a season 5 of Black Mirror

It would seem that the new episodes have been delayed by the release of the movie surprise Black Mirror : Bandersnatch, whose trailer we had made the mouth water. Fans will be delighted to find the particular universe of the series but what can we really wait for this fifth season ? In the book “Inside the Black Mirror”, the showrunneur, Charlie Brooker, has raised the possibility that the show to come back on some of the episodes of the most popular of the series, although he has specifically said that things would not be revisited “if there was a compelling reason to do so”. However, this did not prevent rumors of consecutive episodes of season 5, and this has encouraged Brooker to answer that “no” through his account Twitter. It will therefore have to demonstrate a bit of patience before getting back on the season 5 of Black Mirror. In the meantime, it is possible to view Bandersnatch in order to know the different alternatives of independent film.