Blanchet, who is worried about the quarantine period for foreign workers

Blanchet, inquiet de la période de quarantaine des travailleurs étrangers

The leader of the Bloc Québécois, Yves-Francois Blanchet

11 April 2020 17: 03


Blanchet, who is worried about the quarantine period for foreign workers

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OTTAWA — The leader of the Bloc Québécois, Yves-Francois Blanchet, raised questions about the arrival in Canada of the foreign workers, who must lend a hand to the farms of the province, stating that the quarantine regulations are not adequate for them.

The federal government has exempted foreign workers travel restrictions to combat the COVID-19 due to the essential role they play in the canadian economy.

The federal authorities have mentioned that these workers will be required to submit to testing for the disease before you travel, and isolation for 14 days after their arrival in Canada.

Mr. Blanchet stated that 159 foreign workers arrived Saturday morning at the Montreal airport from Mexico. He said he was concerned about the fact that they are not tested for the coronavirus when they arrive in Canada. In addition, their period of confinement will take place on the farms where they should work, and not in federal buildings.

He added that the federal government has shoveled the responsibility of overseeing this period of quarantine in the courtyard of the owners of these farms.

“(They) will be entrusted to a private organization who will lead in the regions of Quebec where the agricultural companies who have no experience or any qualification in public health will be responsible to ensure a quarantine,” said Mr. Blanchet.

“It is essential that the canadian government take its responsibility and ensure quarantine and testing of foreign workers. (…) If one relies on the past few years, we’re talking thousands of people who go out in the regions and villages of Québec,” he added.

The sanitary conditions in “less severe”

Even if it feels that these workers are “welcome” in the province, the chief bloquiste said that he can not accept that the sanitary conditions that are imposed are less severe than what “the Quebec of all days has to undergo”.

The deputy prime minister asked by chrystia Freeland recalled that these foreign workers are essential to the production of food and to the food security of the country, and stressed that all of these workers must be placed in quarantine for 14 days after their arrival in Canada.

Ms. Freeland mentioned that the royal Canadian mounted police and provincial and municipal police forces will have to ensure that the quarantine is respected by all, and recalled that the foreign workers are no exception.

“It is essential that the farmers are beginning their work now, has hammered Ms. Freeland. Foreign workers, like everyone else, whether they are canadian or not, must submit to a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days after their arrival in Canada. The RCMP announced yesterday… it will work in partnership with the regional police and the health authorities to ensure that the quarantine measures, which are mandatory, are complied with.”


Blanchet, inquiet de la période de quarantaine des travailleurs étrangers

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The Employment minister, Carla Qualtrough, has announced that the federal government was working on a solution to allow seasonal employees who are not eligible for the Benefit of canadian emergency to be able to nevertheless get it.

The opposition has strongly criticized the liberal government for its emergency measures at an extraordinary session, Saturday, for the approval of the wage Subsidy emergency of Canada developed by the Trudeau government.

The program objective is to help Canadians navigate the economic impacts caused by the pandemic of COVID-19.

Ms. Qualtrough has indicated that the government was attempting to bring in changes to the Delivery of the canadian emergency, which will allow employees without incomes due to the crisis, receiving $ 2000 per month for a maximum period of four months.

She noted that changes were to be made to allow seasonal employees to receive the benefit, whereas the current criteria do not make it eligible.

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