Blindspot season 4 : Episode 10, SPOILER always in danger of death in the promo video

Friday night, the Winter Premiere of season 4 of Blindspot has made its grand return ! So this is the time to discover the promo video for episode 10 titled “The Big Reveal”.

Things start to get sorted ! In the Winter Premiere of season 4 of Blindspot, Jane is finally back to herself and she killed Shepherd to protect Kurt. This marked a new turning point to the series since the beginning of this season had exploited the character of Remi. It’s nice to find the dedicated and loyal Jane. Moreover, it has been reinstated in the FBI and in the last minutes of this episode 9 of season 4 of Blindspot we have brought another key element. Reade has brought Zapata to the FBI, handcuffed,… What will happen to the former FBI agent ? Will she end up in prison ? The promo video of episode 10 of season 4 of Blindspot does not augur well for our characters !

Blindspot saison 4 : Episode 10, SPOILER toujours en danger de mort dans la vid?o promo

Zapata will she end up in prison ?

As we unveiled the promo video of this episode 10 of season 4 of Blindspot, things will not go in arranging for our team of the FBI. Jane may be back to herself, but her life will always be in great danger. The poison ZIP will continue to destroy its system. Will she escape, or the series could end with the death of his character lighthouse ? In any case, the synopsis of “The Big Reveal” , we learn that Reade will play against Zapata as the team will seek a potential solution to healing Jane. The action should be the appointment in this new episode of Blindspot. Until its release, check out the series that should draw reverence in 2019 !

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