Blindspot season 4 : Episode 5, SPOILER plunged in the coma, our verdict

Yesterday evening, the episode 5 of season 4 of Blindspot has been broadcast on NBC. So this is the time to discover our verdict of “Naughty Monkey Kicks At Tree”.

The pressure is up a notch. Last week, in episode 4 of season 4 of Blindspot, the FBI had been placed under quarantine. In addition, Kurt had unmasked Jane. The a-t-he facing ? The editorial’ of melty offers you to discover his or her verdict of episode 5 of season 4 of Blindspot. “Naughty Monkey Kicks At Tree” was further brought to light a character. We have waited long enough for the meeting between Zapata and Reade after she has fled the country with Blake. This episode we were immediately immersed inside the apartment Reade, where Zapata he pointed a gun at the head. She came with Claudia to access the servers of the FBI on the orders of Madeline Burke. She was intractable and did not hesitate to hit Reade. His character has undergone a radical change this season and I have to say, she has no excuse compared to Jane. This transformation incomprehensible is absurd and Zapata becomes more and more detestable in the eyes of the fans.

Blindspot saison 4 : Episode 5, SPOILER plongé dans le coma, notre verdict

A good duo !

At the FBI office, Patterson broke down, as usual, a new tattoo, leading the team to an assassin known named the Scythe. They have appealed to Keaton for help, and it was quite pleasant to find Chad Donella on the screen. Once the big bad identified, the latter reacted in a strange way seeing Rich. He said : “It is you! This is the reason why I do what I do.”. What does it mean ? After having dug a little, Patterson has found that Scythian had links with Daniel Katzovich, knowledge of the Rich and leader of the movement for the liberation of the environment, which provides a chemical attack air-New-York. The return of Keaton has enabled Jane to ask her where was Shepherd, and since the latter did not want to give info, she just threatened. She no longer has the time since the remedy found has no effect on it. She knows that she is going to die. However, all his hopes to find Shepherd left smoked at the end of this episode 5 of season 4 of Blindspot !

Blindspot saison 4 : Episode 5, SPOILER plongé dans le coma, notre verdict

Rich and Kurt went on a mission and it must be admitted that the duo works pretty well. Rich reveals itself episode by episode and becomes a full member of the team. It is thanks to him that the last investigations have been resolved ! However, during the confrontation with one of the members of the ELM, Keaton has received a bullet and his future seems to be uncertain. He was plunged in the coma and took away with him the information about the location of Shepherd… Jane still has several tricks in his bag and seems to have locate the site black that could host his former ally. It has communicated the information to Violet who is a party to search for her. In this episode of season 4 of Blindspot ended with Zapata killing Claudia and saying to Madeline Burke that she was an agent of MI-6. Was she really a mole ? Zapata has crossed the boundaries and seems to have no conscience. Could she be the mole that Madeline has talked about ? This episode was not very convincing. The plot is stagnant and we lose our interest in watching the episodes. The following will she be able to seduce us ? In the meantime, check out the spoilers of the week.

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