Blindspot season 4 : Episode 9, death, imprisonment and the return of the SPOILER, our verdict on the Winter Premiere

Yesterday evening, the episode 9 of season 4 of Blindspot has made its grand return to NBC. Discover immediately our verdict of “Check your Ed”.

The winter break is over for Jane and Kurt. After long weeks of absence, Blindspot is finally back on our screens. Remember, in the Mid-Season Finale of season 4 of Blindspot, Kurt faced Jane. But then, who won that battle ? The editorial’ of melty offers you to discover its verdict on the Winter Premiere. This episode picked up where we left off and Kurt has planted a syringe in the neck from Jane to bring it to the FBI. Once there, the brain Jane has been connected to all kinds of machines intimidating, which primarily aimed to bring its brain to its current state in order that the memories of Jane will take the place of those of Remi. Dr. Nancy Williams has given Jane a souvenir manual of the real world but it was the young woman doing most of the work. It was, however, very risky, not only the procedure could fail, but Jane could also die… Was this the case ?

Blindspot saison 4 : Episode 9, un mort, un emprisonnement et le retour de SPOILER, notre verdict du Winter Premiere

Jane back !

What followed was a visit to intense, moving and quite strange to the spirit of Jane, and it must be admitted that Jamie Alexander has done a splendid job in guiding his (its) persona(e) throughout the trip. Jane realized that Remi was elsewhere in his head and that she had to confront her to retrieve his own brain before it is too late. Then she spawned a path through the structure disturbing her own thoughts, she met all sorts of obstacles and puzzles. Some of the scenes were particularly scary, especially those of the Novel and of the young Alice Kruger in this episode 9 of season 4 of Blindspot. In any case, all of these encounters have enabled her to find peace, even that of a Shepherd who, when she disappeared from her thoughts of him whispered that it wasn’t finished and she was right…

Blindspot saison 4 : Episode 9, un mort, un emprisonnement et le retour de SPOILER, notre verdict du Winter Premiere

All shocked !

While the path of Jane continued in her own head, she began to realize that she remembered the life of Remi as clearly as his own. This has therefore enabled us to understand that she and Remi were one and the same person. Their confrontation should not be to conquer, but rather to embrace this part of it and accept the fact that they are related. The real enemy here is Shepherd. Once Jane and Remi have merged, Jane finally woke up confused but itself. She said to her team : “For the first time in my life, I feel like a whole person.”. Wanting to make up for its mistakes, Jane has delivered the location of Shepherd to the FBI, but when they are rendered, it was no longer there. Instead, Shepherd was waiting for Kurt to his apartment. However, the fight was short-lived as Jane pulled on his adoptive mother and killed her thus closing a chapter of his life. This death was not the only highlight of this episode 9 of season 4 of Blindspot. The next day, Jane returned to work at the FBI, and the situation seemed back to normal… until the Read comes up with Zapata handcuffed ! The Winter Premiere was successful, catching up to the level of the previous and bringing a new twist to the series. What will happen in the sequel ? In the meantime, check out these series that we hope will take their salute in 2019 !

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