Bolsonaro said he was going “very well” and continues to advocate hydroxychloroquine

Bolsonaro dit qu’il va «très bien» et continue à préconiser l’hydroxychloroquine

Bolsonaro dit qu’il va «très bien» et continue à préconiser l’hydroxychloroquine

The president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro greet his fellow-countrymen outside his official residence, the palace of Dawn, Brasilia on Thursday.


July 9, 2020 22h29


Bolsonaro said he was going “very well” and continues to advocate hydroxychloroquine

Agence France-Presse

BRASILIA — brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, who has announced on Tuesday to have contracted the COVID-19, said Thursday on Facebook that he was going “very well” and has again advocated the use of hydroxychloroquine, a drug controversial.

Mr. Bolsonaro, 65, appeared in his communication in a live, weekly on Facebook, conducted in his official residence.

He seemed in good form and was not accompanied, as is often the case, ministers or senior officials and the interpreter, the usual language of signs was not present.

The president of the far-right has, since the beginning of the crisis, toned down the severity of the epidemic and has criticized the containment measures decided by the governors in the brazilian States, stating that the priority was not to block the country’s economy.

Mr. Bolsonaro said he has felt bad at the end of last week, he had begun to take each day one tablet of hydroxychloroquine.

This drug that is originally used to combat malaria and is used in many countries to combat the COVID-19, but its effectiveness has not been formally proven, and the issue divides profoundly the global scientific community.

“I say very clearly,” said Mr. Bolsonaro in his video. “I took [hydroxychloroquine] and it worked, and I’m very well, thanks be to God. And that those who criticize offer at least one alternative.”

It has, however, denied making “propaganda for the hydroxychloroquine”.

Mr. Bolsonaro said in its response to the decision Wednesday by Facebook to delete accounts linked to him and his entourage. He denied that there was “hate messages” on his accounts or on those of his three sons involved in politics.

“We can not lose the freedom of the press,” said Mr Bolsonaro.

It has shown Internet pages and articles in the press calling for his death and the images in which he appears beheaded, and said to him not to seek “the removal of the page of the person”.

“I defy the media, particularly the television channels that give visibility to it, to show a text of hatred of me, an image of hatred of me, on my Facebook, on the Facebook of my son”, he said.

Brazil is currently the second country in terms of contamination at the COVID-19, and deaths related to this disease, behind the United States.

The death toll was Thursday 69 184, with an increase of 1224 during the previous 24 hours.

The president of bolivia tested positive

The acting president of Bolivia Jeanine Añez announced on Thursday that she had tested positive for coronavirus and she was fine.

“I’m positive the COVID-19, I’m fine, I will be working in isolation. Together, we will go forward”, wrote on her Twitter account Ms. Añez, who was a candidate in the presidential election on 6 September.

“I’ll be in quarantine for 14 days and do another test. I feel good,” added the leader of the right 53-year-old in a video posted on the same account.

This is the second head of State in south america, positive for the coronavirus, after the brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, who made the announcement Tuesday. In Venezuela, the number two in the regime, Diosdado Cabello has also been infected.

In Bolivia, three members of the government Añez, including the ministers of the Presidency, Yerko Nunez and Health Eidy Roca, had indicated in recent days that they had been contaminated.

Jeanine Añez, a senator from the right, has become interim president of Bolivia following the resignation and departure for exile of left-wing president Evo Morales in November 2019.

Bolivia, which has 11 million inhabitants, registered a total of 42 984 cases of contamination and deplores 1577-related deaths COVID-19.

The government believes that at the date of the elections in September that Bolivia will have approximately 130, 000 cases of contamination.

Bolsonaro dit qu’il va «très bien» et continue à préconiser l’hydroxychloroquine

The president of bolivia in the interim, Jeanine Añez




The United States recorded Thursday, a new record for the number of infections with the sars coronavirus in a day, with more than 65 500 additional cases identified in 24 hours, according to the count at 20: 30 pm, eastern daylight time, of the Johns Hopkins University.

The total number of cases recorded in the country since the beginning of the pandemic is now more than 3.11 million. The previous record dated from Tuesday, with more than 60 to 200 new cases in a day.

The concern about viruses continues to grow in the United States, who know the last few weeks a surge in infections in the south and west of the country, by far the most affected in absolute value.

Experts fear that the curve of death does not follow quickly the trajectory of new infections. Thousand people died of the COVID-19 on american soil in the last 24 hours, and the disease has made 133 195 victims in total in the United States.

“We are in a very difficult situation,” said Thursday the infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci, who advises the White House on the crisis of the COVID-19.

The reopening of the country took place in “jumping all of the recommended steps”, he criticized on a conference call organized by the media The Hill. “This is not the right way to do it. We need to rethink this and do it differently.”

“I think that States need to pause their process of déconfinement”, he still felt, all in nuances: “I don’t think we need to go back to a full closure.”

Donald Trump minimizes these daily records. “For the hundredth time, the reason why we have so many cases, compared to other countries, which are not better than us and by far, is that we test a lot better,” he said on Twitter Thursday.

More than 550 000 people dead and 12 million cases in the world

The pandemic of the novel coronavirus has been up to since the end of December more than 550,000 deaths in the world, with more than half in the four most affected countries, the United States (132 803 deaths), Brazil (67 964), the Uk (44 602), Italy (34 926), and Mexico (32 796), according to an assessment conducted by the AFP from official sources, Thursday, at 15 pm, eastern daylight time.

The number of cases of infection officially reported has exceeded 12 million. AFP



The traditional meetings to the fall of the world Bank and the international monetary Fund (IMF) will essentially be virtual like this that the two institutions had already made in the spring because of the pandemic of COVID-19.

“As we continue to monitor the situation of the COVID-19 in the world, and given the health problems related to the pandemic, the directions of the IMF and the world Bank group, recommend that the annual meeting 2020 IMF-world Bank, which will be held the week of October 12 to 18, are in a format that is primarily virtual this year,” said a brief news release common to the two Bretton Woods institutions.

The directions of the imf and world Bank emphasise, however, that they will be “flexible on the format of these meetings in the light of changes in the situation”.

The spring meetings of the two institutions were already held in the virtual format in the month of April, while the Us — after China and Europe — were hit hard by the pandemic, and that a good part of the country was confined.

In normal times, these meetings attract tens of thousands of participants from around the world, who bring significant amounts of money to the local economy. AFP

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