Bondarenko about the performance Poroshenko to the Parliament Politekspert called the President’s speech is filled with low specificity and high slogans

Бондаренко о выступлении Порошенко перед парламентом - Политэксперт назвал речь президента наполненной минимумом конкретики и максимумом лозунгов

The political scientist Kost Bondarenko in the air of the TV channel of our website spoke about the speech of Petro Poroshenko to Parliament to initiate a law on “agents of the Kremlin”, the approval of the new composition of the CEC and voted changes to the Constitution concerning the country’s course to EU and NATO.

“Poroshenko speech (speech of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to Parliament – Ed.) in fact it was the start of the election campaign of the President. We saw instead of the President’s address to Parliament on the performance of the candidate in presidents, which had low specificity and high beautiful slogans and promises. But it was not a plan of strategic development of Ukraine for the nearest future”, – said Bondarenko.

The expert stressed that the President’s proposed project on “Kremlin agents” similar to the already existing in Russia, but in Ukraine only directed against one country – the Russian Federation.

“These things (the initiative Poroshenko about “agents of the Kremlin” – Ed.) spelled out, for example, the legislation of the Russian Federation, but they have such a law more liberal than Petro Poroshenko. In Russia under the status of “secret agents” include those who receive money from abroad. We have, in fact, is determined by belonging to only one country – the aggressor – and the consequent definition of popadanija alleged “agent” under the standards will be pretty subjective. Therefore, most likely, it will just be name calling as it is now and around is happening,” he explained.

Also Bondarenko commented on the approval of the new composition of the Central election Commission, formed, in his opinion, “the President”.

“With regard to the formation of the new composition of the CEC (Central electoral Commission – Ed.) then we can also see attempts to form her “the President”. Accordingly, in this situation becomes clear when you look at the composition (new members of the CEC – Ed.) why I tried for so long to form such a composition of the CEC and why is it so long to formulate in principle”, – said the expert.

Finally, Bondarenko reminded that no country that wanted to get into NATO and the EU had not secured it in the Constitution, as it is planning to do Ukrainian officials.

“Again, these changes to the Constitution (about the course of Ukraine to join the EU and NATO – Ed.) voted on the first reading (the meeting of Parliament – Ed.) on the one hand incredible stupidity, because in the Constitution of any country, which claim to join NATO or the EU, there is no mention of these organizations”, – he concluded.

As reported on our website earlier, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has instructed to circulate a note on the termination of the Treaty of friendship, cooperation and partnership with Russia as an official document of the General Assembly and the UN security Council.