Booba : a Little girl, the clip moving with Luna unveiled (VIDEO)

Booba : Petite fille, le clip ?mouvant avec Luna d?voil? (VID?O)

Booba unveiled the clip “Little girl” in which he makes a declaration of love, touching her daughter Luna.

Booba has been burglarized at his home in Boulogne-Billancourt and images have been unveiled. Of passage in Paris for the release of his free of punchlines “The bitumen with a feather” to the concept store We, the b2o not expecting certainly not to this new. But not enough to give it a blow to morale, since the artist is back on Monday 10 December 2018 with the clip “Little girl”, a track which appeared on her last album, Throne out there over a year. In this video, the rapper takes the stage alongside his daughter Luna, to whom he pays a glowing tribute filled with love.

“L. U. N. A, my little girl, yeah. To sit on a bench, holding in my hand your small fingers of a woman. You let me believe that God is great. I will gain for thee, never more to kilograms. I have no love for no fuck all of these biatchs, I know that you will smoke more than one. Your laugh opens the sea in two. I repeins the neighborhood of a blue, big blue, you are my moon,” sings the boss of the 92i in front of her child. Booba Luna and share moments accomplices on the beach and in a boat, which illustrate a narrative that tells the young dad to his daughter, comfortably installed in a bed. Booba, who has been the victim of a hoax and that the fortune has never been revealed by the magazine Forbes, is full of surprises with this movie clip moving, very far away from what it has been able to do before.

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