Booba and Kaaris fight at the airport of Orly, what are the consequences for their career ?

Booba et Kaaris se battent à l'aéroport d'Orly, quelles conséquences pour leur carrière ?

After being beaten at the airport of Orly, what will be the consequences for the careers of Booba and Kaaris ? At melty, we tried to imagine what was going to happen in the months to come.

Person in France could not pass to the side of the info : two weeks ago, Booba and Kaaris clashed in the paris Orly airport. After years of threatening on social networks, the two rappers are, therefore, came to the hands. While they are currently in pretrial detention pending the starts of their trials at the beginning of September, it is not yet known what their fate would be done. Do they go to prison ? Will they come out with the suspension and fines ? Waiting to know what will be their future judicial, at melty, we tried to imagine what would be their musical future.

So okay already, then they all had two concerts and showcases planned in the coming weeks, all of these events had to be cancelled. Then, for their other projects, B2O should a priori not be too impacted, him who has released an album there in just 6 months, and that doesn’t seem to want to segue right away. On the other hand, for K2A, this fight and this can be put in detention is a sacred prejudice : while Kaaris announced 2 new albums and a role in a film for the end of the year 2018, it will have to completely revise its plans…

Here is the teaser of the new film @julien_leclercq_ in the what I played it looks very heavy ???? #thebouncer #cetteannéeunfilmdeuxalbums???? #abientottoutlemonde

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On the plane of the image, in the eyes of some fans, the two should not be too impacted, on the contrary : while they are both rap hardcore, this fight can only strengthen this image of guys violent. Booba, as many users saw as someone coming from a bourgeois milieu and not knowing how to fight, might even win some “credibility” in the eyes of these fans. But in the eyes of some others, they might be considered ridiculous, the ones who were both around 40 years old, who are fighting for stories from music, and that could end up in jail because of it.

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And what of the career of Kaaris in the cinema ? While she seemed to be rather well launched, it is hard to imagine the directors agree to see their movie associated with the image of violence that vehicle now. After that, you can also count on the little bit of memory and of moral that sometimes the film : Joey Starr is nice to have typed on his wife and the film director Roman Polanski may well have been accused of rape, it does not prevent him from continuing to practice their craft… in Short, all is not lost for Booba and Kaaris, against which Aéroports de Paris has made a complaint. But fighting against his rival, B2O has perhaps made it a lot more difficult than he thought…