Booba and Kaaris put in pretrial detention, Lacrim supports (VIDEO)

Booba et Kaaris mis en détention provisoire, Lacrim leur apporte son soutien (VIDEO)

While they are currently placed in detention pending their trial, Booba and Kaaris can count on the support of Lacrim.

The info has probably not escaped : last week, Booba and Kaaris fought to the Orly airport. Result ? Fines to pay, and a pre-trial detention until the date of their trial, which will be held in early September. While some rappers such as Damso or ” – Dosseh criticize this court decision, Lacrim has also decided to bring its support to the two rappers. Find out how to from this moment on melty.

Lacrim a show of support to Booba imprisoned at Fleury

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After showing his support for Booba, Lacrim also sends a message to Kaaris by sharing a picture of her daughter Brooklyn. Artist : @officielacrim #lacrim #kaaris #brooklyn #boobavskaaris #clash #raprnb

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In a video posted on his account Instagram, we can see Lacrim in a nightclub in Dubai in which the song “DKR” is released by DJ. Then, it is a photo of the child Kaaris accompanied by the hashtag #free the rapper has posted. Because yes, for those who do not remember, before being a friend of Booba and make tracks with like “Oh yeah”, Lacrim was also a friend of Kaaris (which will be in the B. O. of the film, The world is yours, just like Booba and NLP). A nice gesture on the part of the rapper.

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