Booba at their worst, Kendji Girac dethroned by RK, Eminem and David Guetta fall to the ground… The top albums of the week

Check out the ranking of top-selling albums in France this week.

One is like all the weeks to make a point about the ranking of the best sales of albums in France. Big change at the top, since Kendji Girac has been dethrone by RK with the opus Insolent. Christine and The Queens makes a beautiful entrance at the second position with Chris collector’s version while the rapper MHD climbs from the seventh to the third step of the podium with 19. Hornet strike also makes for a beautiful arrival with In the eyes, directly to the fourth place, just ahead of Kendji relegated to the fifth position with Amigo. Rim’k, who gave his opinion on the matter Booba and Kaaris, is sixth with Mutant, something to be noticed with this beautiful boot.

More low, Zazie tumbles from second to seventh place with Essenciel, Maitre Gims chute from the fifth to the eighth position with a Black Belt and Jain found himself ninth after being sixth with Souldier. Damso continues to fall and reaches 11th with Lithopédion while Eminem, who accused P. Diddy of killing Tupac in the song “Killshot”, there is more than 12th against third the previous week with Kamikaze. David Guetta is also in the red, falling by ten places with the 7, ranked 14th. Dadju maintains its 16th position with Gentleman 2.0 and Jul goes from the 17th to the 21st march with Inspi elsewhere. It ends with Booba, which continues to drop with “Throne”, which is ranked 53rd this time, but may soon return with a new album very soon.

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