Booba out a book at the exorbitant price, Rohff laughing stock of the web, Soprano mocks Bigflo & Oli, Miley Cyrus and Shay back… The little music of the week

Booba sort un livre au prix exorbitant, Rohff risée du web, Soprano se moque de Bigflo & Oli, Miley Cyrus et Shay de retour... Le récap musique de la semaine

Check out all the latest news about music that you should not miss this week.

We meet each week to focus on the music news that it was unwise to miss. It begins with the Little Mix, who were at the heart of a controversy after the movie “Striptease” and who have been able to count on the support of Ariana Grande. Booba him, to ensure the promotion of his new song, “KYLL” in feat with Medina by posting a teaser in which we can discover an interview of the World Champion Kylian Mbappé when he was 12 years old. This last said so on a football field in Bondy : “In the story, the best it were black and Arab”. A phrase that has much longer to the two artists.

Kalash Criminal to him, has entrusted exclusively to melty in Off to speak to us about albinism, women and their families. Soprano during this time, has posted a picture folder of the brothers Bigflo & Oli on Instagram, on which you can see very young people on the side of the Black Mr Since then, four rappers have collaborated on the sound “This is that rap” to be found on the album The life you dream of Bigflo & Oli. Booba always, marked in recent days by announcing the release of a book of his best punchlines entitled “The bitumen with a feather”. Problem, the exorbitant price of 300 euros and a lot of laughs to his fans, who have not hesitated to express their displeasure on social networks.

Otherwise, we learned the tour dates of M Pokora or Rohff has been given an appointment to his fans in a restaurant O Tacos for a signing session in Montrouge, what become the laughing stock of the web. Kaaris him, is surprising in the clip “what’s” of Mac Tyer and users validate 100% of his new attitude and the fact that it keeps up with the rap, pure and hard. Finally to finish, it has been full of news thanks to Miley Cyrus, who has made his big return with the clip for”Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” from Mark Ronson but also Nicki Minaj, who has unveiled the video for “Good Form” feat Lil Wayne. Shay has made its come-back in the French rap with the song “Pretty” and Zayn has released its “Rainberry” before announcing good news, since his new album Icarus Falls will be available from the 14th December next. That’s all for this time, see you next week for even more news crispy !