Booba : PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), her new video which is a reference to Scarface unveiled (VIDEO)

Booba : PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), son nouveau clip qui fait référence à Scarface dévoilé (VIDÉO)

Booba unveiled its new clip dark “Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)”. Check out-the wait no more on melty.

Good news for Booba, since her duet with Bramsito on “Dirty Mood” has been certified single-platinum. The rapper is more active than ever in recent times on the social networks and regularly gives of its new. At this time, the fight he must organize with his rival Kaaris been much talk, since the two men do not happen to agree. While a first date had been scheduled in Belgium, the rapper from Sevran then moved to Tunisia. But it was without counting on the intervention of Cyril Hanouna, who has helped the b2o has organized a confrontation in Switzerland. But with the new refusal of the interpreter of “Tchoin”, it would seem that this project is at a standstill. Result, the duke of Boulogne back to the music with the unveiling of her new video “Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)”.

The sound is not new since it was released on January 26, 2019, the day after the release of the opus Black Gold 3 of Kaaris. Once more, Booba, who is mocked Kaaris who has passed a cap on Instagram, has not been able to prevent soiling of the plans of his opponent. In any case, with this video, it comes back to a universe rather dark, which was left to go with the clip of “Little girl” in the company of his child, Luna. This time, he puts himself into the skin of Tony Montana (“Scarface”) with a banknote, women, and big cars. The true rap like the artist was in the habit to do with it, and that allows her fans to wait before the release of a potential album. In fact, the b2o has not released anything since Throne in 2017.